New Paper in a day Magazine

Even the least observants might notice the big change in a day magazine. One of Thailand’s most popular magazines is now switching from bond paper to EPO paper front to back. (The whole thing, yes). This is neither about the production cost nor that popular save-the-earth wave. We have better reasons for that.

EPO paper uses 50% less wood pulp, comparing with normal paper. Every tree used for EPO paper manufacturing is planted using sustainable woodland management system, from the land upon which the trees are planted, how the tree lines are managed, to the tree cutting method. The paper manufacturing process is totally chlorine-free. Chlorine, though its residual is poisonous to the environment, is one of the basic chemical elements of paper manufacturing, which gives paper the whiteness that we are used to seeing today. EPO paper belongs in the Climate Savers programme of WWF for the manufacturing process is of high quality, meets the standard set, and is effective in reducing greenhouse gas emission.