Our Story

Paper Green was born to deliver superior quality paper. With mindful responsibilities to the environment, the green spirit resides in every nook and cranny of our company, from the people that we hire to the activities that we organise. Since the company’s establishment in 2009, Paper Green has expanded relentlessly and magnified all its strengths, naming product and service quality, customer base, environmental, energy, and society saving. Paper Green has the greatest potential to grow and thrive, with the company’s development as a proof of quality and excellence.

Evergreen forest

Our paper is environment-friendly and made from renewable resources

Everlasting promise

We vow to care for the environment, resources, and nature sustainably and perpetually

Ever-strong wasteless society

With paper recycling, there is no waste left behind

Ever-receding greenhouse gas

Just planting trees will never suffice. Sustainable management helps to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 75%.

We are determined to provide superior quality paper to all clients in the printing industry and save the Earth as we go along.

Treerat Sirichantaropas
CEO of Paper Green

50% less wood pulp used

100% chlorine-free manufacturing

Only wood from sustainable woodland is used

75% less greenhouse gas emission

Replace fossil fuels with water power

Reduce paper cost economically, comparing with paper of other brands with the same thickness